Yemin Orde Youth Village’s running team is one of the more popular activities where nearly 100 boys and girls train together to participate in running events throughout Israel. On February 24, the team will participate in the Tel Aviv Marathon, a multi-course event allowing all levels of runners to join.

Yemin Orde’s running team is a family. Every single runner is important to the group. Mutual responsibility, teamwork, and pride are important elements to the group’s success. All running capabilities are encouraged to participate.

“We have the courage to dare and win!,” said Nathanel, the team’s coach.

Runners train three times a week in and near the Village, working their way up from 3-km practice (almost two miles) runs at the start of the school year, to 20-km (12 miles) runs in time for participating in half-marathon races in Tiberias and Jerusalem.

Running Helps Set Goals

Yemin Orde’s youth love to run for a variety of reasons: outdoor exercise, friendships, the commitment to a schedule and goals, and the discipline needed to improve in this sport. For some, it is important to measure their strength against the staff members who volunteer to guide the group, and to realize that they are as strong as, or even stronger, than their adult role models.

It is also important for the Village’s youth to see improvement in their running performance as they practice consistently, eat healthy meals, and maintain a positive attitude. The self-discipline, athletic skills and self-esteem acquired by committing themselves to the running team also applies to their studies and their lives.

The adult volunteers who oversee the group discuss the important life lessons that are learned from a commitment to running. They tell the children that the self-discipline, athletic skills, personal insights, and self-esteem that they have acquired by committing themselves to the Running Group are applicable to their studies and their lives.

According to Shmuli Bing, Director, Yemin Orde Youth Village, the kids learn that in terms of setting goals, “the sky’s the limit.”

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