Programs that reflect the Village Way spirit

The learning and planning process of the Village Way integration in partner communities creates programs that reflect the spirit of the Village Way methodology.  We are proud to announce that Village Way Educational Initiatives is now partnering with five new educational communities for the 2016-2017 school year, bringing our partner total to 31 communities. In this way, we are now impacting more than 11,000 youth and 1,500 educators.

Read about two Village Way educational communities, Ibn Rushd Tamra Technology High School and Hadassah Neurim Youth Village, with innovative and effective programs that provide leadership and confidence-building opportunities for their fragile teenagers. These programs are trail bike trips and challenge hikes.

Ibn Rushd Tamra Technology High School

Ibn Rushd Tamra Technology High School is located in the Arab community of  Tamra, located in thebicycles-tamra north, with 146 students and 30 staff members. One of the significant new programs at this school is its trail biking program.

Each week, a different class of students and their educators take the school’s mountain bikes for a group ride in the nearby area. During breaks, when the students get off their bicycles, educators lead informal activities and discussions developed  with the assistance of the school guidance counselor.

Educators have found that the opportunity to travel off campus, be in a different atmosphere, and engage in physical activity is an ideal time to generate discussions and encourages the teens to express themselves more freely.

Hadassah Neurim Youth Village

At Hadassah Neurim Youth Village, near Netanya, the 12th graders and staff recently embarked on the challenge hike partnercommunity’s second annual “Etgar” Challenge Hike.  The  “etgar”  hike is a long-time Yemin Orde Youth Village tradition and Village Way  Educational Initiatives signature program.

The challenge hike provides many opportunities for youth to push their limits and overcome obstacles, experience success in a new realm, and bond with new friends and members of their community. At the end of the hike, the 12th graders are welcomed back by the rest of the village community who greets them with cheering and positive reinforcement.

At a special ceremony, the 12th graders then “pass the baton” of village leadership to the 11th graders, who will embark on the hike the next year. This popular activity encourages leadership, strengthens bonds among the students, builds self-confidence and further connects the young immigrants to the Land of Israel.

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