Touring the U.S. with Yemin Orde graduates and stories of success

Chaim Peri, Founder, Village Way Educational Initiatives and two Yemin Orde graduates, Israela Tadela and Itzik Dessie, recently toured the U.S. with exciting news and information about Yemin Orde and toursthe Village Way expansion throughout Israel.

Chaim spent a week traveling throughout California. He visited San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco and spoke at informational events and meetings with current supporters of Friends of Yemin Orde. He shared news about the Village Way Educational Initiatives’s expansion to 31 partner educational communities in Israel, as well as discussed the challenges immigrant youth face as they look forward to a future as productive citizens of Israel.

Stories of Success

Israela Tadela visited synagogues and Jewish federations and had meetings with supporters in the New York area, northern New Jersey region and Philadelphia. She was interviewed by Philadelphia’s Jewish Exponent newspaper. Click here to read the article about Israela.

Today, Israela serves as a News Producer at Israel’s Channel 2; for a while, she was the only Ethiopian working at the television station.

“Yemin Orde taught me independence and values. The things I learned about myself are a big part of who I am today,” Israela said. “I had a difficult time with my parents and if I didn’t have Yemin Orde, I am not sure where I would be in life right now.” Click here to read more about Israela and her journey.

Yemin Orde graduate Yitzhak “Itzik” Dessie is the first Ethiopian-Israeli to be licensed to practice law in Israel. In meetings with supporters in New York and Washington, D.C., Itzik discussed how the Village’s support and its quality education greatly influenced him and helped him achieve success.

Itzik arrived in Israel, alone, from Ethiopia when he was 13 years old . Today, he is studying for his J.S.D. degree (Doctorate in the Science of Law) at Bar Ilan University, an advanced law degree that will enable him to become a law professor and teach in one of Israel’s universities.

“My time at Yemin Orde as a high school student was one of the happiest times of my life,” he said. “Yemin Orde will always be my home.”

Read more about Itzik and his journey.

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