Yemin Orde’s Eco-Farm encourages young minds to grow and learn.

Yemin Orde Youth Village’s innovative Eco-Farm has launched a pilot work-study scholarship project, in which a teen can partner with professional staff in operating the farm.

Each participating youngster chooses an area of concentration at the Eco-Farm, such as the goat herd, the beehives, or the greenhouses and more.  Then, the teen commits to working two shifts per week, eco-farm(one morning shift from 6:00 – 7:30 a.m., and one evening shift, 4:30 – 7:00 p.m.) side by side with the farm’s professionals.

The work-study program has proved so popular that 70 teens have applied for this year’s 25 positions at the Eco-Farm. There are three applicant categories: agriculture majors, youth who have already worked on the farm but are majoring in other subjects, and girls (who currently make up 20 percent of the work-study participants).

Yemin Orde youth, Irena, enjoys farm life at the EcoFarm

eco-farm boy-with-goatThe main objective for this program is to encourage  interest and involvement of an increased number of teens in the Eco-Farm, and for these youth to take  more responsibility for the farm’s activities. For example, caring for the farm’s herd of goats is a popular and therapeutic activity for our youth. Twice a day, small groups of children take turns to shepherd the goats to graze in a nearby pasture.

Where young minds grow

The Eco-Farm is also a popular social gathering place for many Village celebrations and programs throughout the year. Our youth gain a sense of self-esteem, pride in their work, and a feeling of belonging to the Land of Israel as they learn to care for the Eco-Farm’s gardens and animals as well as learn valuable skills such as woodworking and metal-working.

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