Yemin Orde graduate meets Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Ethiopia.

YO graduate meets Netanyahu

Yemin Orde graduate, Tamrat Berhanu, recently met with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in Addis Ababa during an Israeli delegation’s groundbreaking visit to Ethiopia. Netanyahu is the first Israeli prime minister to visit Ethiopia.

In the photo, left to right, are: U.S. philanthropist Mark Gelfand, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Yemin Orde graduate Tamrat, and Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Desalegn.

Netanyahu and Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn discussed ways to increase cooperation on a series of issues including science, technology, water, agriculture, communications, tourism and education.

Science is a Bridge for a Better Future

Mark Gelfand has a special interest in creating science programs for at-risk youth in Israel. He believes that science is the bridge for a better future. Gelfand helped establish the science program at Yemin Orde Youth Village as well as science enrichment at educational communities supported by Village Way Educational Initiatives.

Gelfand asked Yemin Orde graduate, Tamrat, to help introduce science education to Ethiopia, modeled after Yemin Orde – as a gift of Israel and world Jewry. For this, Ethiopia’s President Mulatu Teshome has thanked Prime Minister Netanyahu.

We are thrilled to report this special opportunity for one of our graduates – proof that we are, indeed, a “light unto the nations.”

The Gelfand Science Enrichment Program in Israel sparks curiosity and creates science opportunities for youth who otherwise never would have science enriching experiences, such as  visits to museums, laboratories, greenhouses, and other similar sites. These science activities are fun and interesting, piquing the student’s interest in science and curiosity about the world.

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